Aging Care Services and Fall Risk Assessment

How Equilibrate Helps Aging Care Services and Fall Risk Assessment

You are always looking to find new, progressive ways to serve your senior populations. We have something for you to consider when identifying those most at risk for an accidental fall. Falls occur but they need not be a foregone conclusion for seniors. With minimal, appropriate screening complemented by straightforward intervention programs that can include exercise therapy, it has been proven that occurrences of accidental falls can be reduced. The result of such screenings and identifiable improved outcomes is an aging population that is happier, healthier, more independent and less burdensome on local and national resources.

Key features for Aging Care Services

Inexpensive fall-risk assessment and therapy toolsEnhance quality of life while improving outcomes
Supports independence, physical well being, and health awarenessDifferentiate your services within the local community
A portable tool for multiple-site or shared use with service partnersUsed in comprehensive fall prevention programs

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Benefits to Your Community
  • Delivery of quantitative assessment of balance and risk-for-fall in an easily understandable output that promotes fall awareness and improved well being
  • A simple assessment that is non-invasive, non-intimidating and requires only minutes to complete
  • An objective tool that allows clinicians and caregivers to apply their expertise through analysis of actionable and quantitative output data
  • Comprehensive treatment of balance dysfunctions through active therapy programs that include visual biofeedback and games
  • An integrated, customizable, exercise library that allows take-away exercise programs to be printed or emailed directly to patients or their caregivers
  • ‘Take-away’ records of balance assessment with easily interpreted graphic data analysis.
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We have developed a balance assessment system that can provide data to develop programs that can improve people’s balance and reduce their risk of falls.

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Equilibrate is a proprietary, web-integrated, clinical assessment, treatment and data reference tool that combines objective upper and lower body data with the judgement and experience of a clinical professional to improve outcomes.