Concussion Management and Sports Medicine

Establishing a New Standard for Sports Concussion Assessment

The return-to-play decision is one of the most important events following concussion in an athlete.  Balance assessment plays a key role in this critical decision by providing additional information beyond important symptomatic diagnosis or cognitive testing. Current clinical and athletic training research shows that concussion management and return to play decisions should include three components: Physical and Symptomatic Assessment, Neuro-Cognitive Assessment and Neuro-Physical Assessment.

The Equilibrate System eliminates subjectivity from balance assessment by providing a quantitative platform for the measurement of whole-body postural stability. It moves beyond traditional single-mode computerized test-beds and visual assessment by:

Integrating reliable, highly sensitive physiological balance-dependent input from both the upper and lower body
Interpreting these measures with a refined algorithm
Providing objective concussion management in a complete, fast, easy-to-use, athlete-friendly, affordable, turnkey system
Providing a more complete understanding of the athlete’s condition pre- and post-concussion

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Concussion Management Critical Needs

  • 36 states have recently passed a law that legally requires a licensed physician to clear scholastic athletes return to play if a concussion has been diagnosed. These physicians need actionable, objective information to support the legal mandate.
  • Collaboration with key care providers is critical to make sound decisions on return to play.
  • Read the Zurich Consensus Statement on Objective Balance Assessment in Sports Concussion. It states that “It appears that postural stability testing provides a useful tool for objectively assessing the motor domain of neurologic functioning, and should be considered a reliable and valid addition to the assessment of athletes suffering from concussion, particularly where symptoms or signs indicate a balance component.”
  • Several research studies have shown that including a balance test within a full concussion assessment protocol increases the sensitivity of the assessment to over 90%.

Equilibrate Benefits Over Current Assessment Tools

  • Delivery of cutting-edge objective balance assessment for the successful diagnosis, treatment, and management of concussion injury for athletes on all levels
  • Lightweight/portable device with automated concussion-specific protocols allows rapid assessment either on the field or in the training room immediately or shortly after a concussion event
  • User-friendly interface instantly delivers quantitative and ‘tiered’ results of an athlete’s balance state: from Overall Balance Score to specific values for Sway and Dynamic Alignment to more detailed balance metrics
  • Automated documentation capture may instantly be transferred via email or printed where a copy can become part of athlete’s permanent record
  • Highly adaptable for potential development of customized athlete-dependent or program-specific protocols or even use as a balance research tool
  • Tests are easy to administer by any sufficiently trained operator (regardless of background)
  • System is highly sensitive and able to detect even subtle balance deficiencies. Equilibrate technology will give you a unique and powerful level of clarity into balance related deficiencies.
  • Post-trauma, concussion-induced instability can be tracked for longer periods of time than currently available technology

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We have developed a balance assessment system that can provide data to develop programs that can improve people’s balance and reduce their risk of falls.

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Equilibrate is a proprietary, web-integrated, clinical assessment, treatment and data reference tool that combines objective upper and lower body data with the judgement and experience of a clinical professional to improve outcomes. Request the Information Packet now to find out more information on Equilibrate.

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IMPORTANT: Equilibrate DOES NOT diagnose concussion. Diagnosis of any clinical condition including concussion is a clinical exercise conducted by a qualified health professional that demands the integration of data and expertise from multiple sources. The Equilibrate neuro-physical balance evaluation when administered appropriately, generates objective balance and instability scoring, collects and systematically documents valuable clinical baseline endpoints that can benefit the clinical evaluation and management of concussion. The objective assessment results can help inform and assist clinicians with return‐to‐play decisions.