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Due to our increased understanding of human balance and its critical dependency on broad and vital physiologic systems (e.g. visual, vestibular, neural, musculoskeletal etc.), balance assessment is finding greater importance as an essential analytical tool for research in both the clinic and the laboratory.

From trials examining the far-reaching effects of disease-treating drugs, to individual case studies of the vestibular effects of concussion, researchers in industry, healthcare and academia are seeking more quantitative and data-integrative tools for objective assessment of human balance.

The Equilibrate System offers an objective instrument-based solution that is: (1) quantitative, (2) data-driven and (3) easy to use.  Moreover, Equilibrate offers a solution beyond currently available foot-plate-only devices to integrate upper- and lower-body output from a combination of imaging and force sensors.  The result is a powerful research tool that provides quantitative scores for sway, dynamic alignment, overall balance and contributions from individual components across the entire body.  Interested researchers should refer to Balance Engineering’s clinical case briefs for examples of the quantitative, interpretable and comparable output available using Equilibrate.

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The Equilibrate System provides the perfect platform for those seeking an optimal and effective hands-on tool for balance education.

Whether you are a fall-risk specialist seeking to empower aging subjects with balance knowledge and the ability to reduce their risk-for-fall; a clinical educator seeking an ideal system for live demonstration of the elements of human balance (including visual, vestibular, or proprioceptive inputs); or any other professional seeking a platform for balance education – Equilibrate provides a comprehensive system that is adaptable, easy to set-up and use, and understandable to individuals across many groups.

The computer-integrated platform means that balance demonstrations are easily shown to small groups or projected to large audiences* following Equilibrate’s rapid set-up (~ 5 minutes).  Ease of use and a user-friendly interface mean that balance instruction can be changed on the fly to emphasize assessment, therapy, balance games, home exercise, video playback, or any combination.  System adaptability also allows quick assessment of new subjects for the frequent one-on-one or small group follow-up after larger audience demonstration.  Equilibrate is a system that stimulates curiosity and fosters innovative questions about human balance – questions able to be answered or explored immediately on the Equilibrate System.

Videos of the Equilibrate System in use and resources for trial demonstrations are available on Balance Engineering’s website:

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We have developed a balance assessment system that can provide data to develop programs that can improve people’s balance and reduce their risk of falls.

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The Equilibrate Comprehensive Balance Assessment System from Balance Engineering is a quantitative, whole-body diagnostic and therapy tool for the non-invasive and objective assessment and treatment of balance dysfunction (including fall-risk) that can help accomplish these important goals and meet this growing demand.


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Equilibrate is a proprietary web-integrated, clinical assessment, treatment and data reference tool that combines objective upper and lower body data with the judgement and experience of a clinical professional to improve outcomes.