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How does it work?

Equilibrate is a proprietary, web-integrated, clinical assessment, therapy and data reference tool that combines real time objective upper and lower body measures with the judgement and experience of a clinical professional to improve patient outcomes. A patient stands on adjustable, static force plates while wearing a lightweight vest with imaging targets placed at specific anatomical landmarks (see images on right). Receiving input from the force plates and cameras, Equilibrate senses minute shifts in central body force, positions, directions and frequencies of motion from individual areas of the body and provides quantitative scores of dynamic alignment and sway, as well as the integration of combined effects across the whole body in an overall score for total balance.

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Key features

Mobile and easy to store
Improved treatment plans
Report for better compensation


How Equilibrate Works

We have developed a balance assessment system that can provide data to develop programs that can improve people’s balance and reduce their risk of falls.

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The Equilibrate system is a great tool for assessing fall risk in the geriatric population. It is easy to use. One-stop note writing assists with efficiency in any high-paced rehabilitation setting. The treatment options are engaging to any population and functional as it related to the patients goals. I would love to see an Equilibrate in every Assisted Living Facility as the main fall risk assessment tool.”
-Regional Program Director of Physical and Occupational Therapy, Rochester, NY.