What is Equilibrate?

Equilibrate (patent-pending) is a comprehensive solution that objectively captures the essential measurements necessary to achieve a complete assessment of an individual’s balance disposition and the energy that drives it. Forces of exertion are being applied throughout the body, which enable it to maintain balance. As these forces are continually adjusted to seek equilibrium, factors can be deduced which provide a more accurate assessment of balance capability. Watch Equilibrate in Action here.

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How Equilibrate can help you treat your patients

Equilibrate uses a system of upper body based dynamic sensor modules and integrates them with foot force measurements delivering a comprehensive view of the body necessary to accurately assess human balance. Equilibrate provides a richer set of data that truly articulates energy and stability factors. Properly interpreted, the data provided by Equilibrate helps to outline a more precise course to postural control. Balance Engineering then devises protocols that take into consideration the entire body’s role in the balance measurement equation. The resulting ability to reduce fall risk exposure and fall predisposition revolutionizes how individuals of all ages are cared for and may reduce the enormous outlay of dollars that are spent on fall injuries and rehabilitative care. See Equilibrate System Specifications.

Upper Body Data Capture System

The Equilibrate System is the only balance assessment system available that measures upper body energy factors in determining an individual’s overall balance disposition. Balance Engineering leverages a patent-pending motion capture and analysis system integrated into the software application, providing detailed information that is critical for balance assessment. Equilibrate captures several unique, anatomical landmarks on the torso making it the most sensitive and accurate balance measurement system delivering unparalleled data necessary for a caregiver to truly understand what is happening to a person as they negotiate normal physical activity.


Force Plate Measurement System

Equilibrate’s force plate system integrates dynamic variations in foot force exertions with upper body motions. This system captures data demonstrating overall left/right foot displacement, as well as granular scoring for anterior/posterior and lateral/medial movement at the individual foot level. Additionally, caregivers are able to identify the center of force as it relates to the entire body and what happens to the center of force as the patient completes the assessment exercises.

A System That Gets Smarter the More it is Used

Balance Engineering captures balance test scores and stores them in a data warehouse for detailed analysis. Our team then correlates scores to home exercise programs and ICD-9 codes. The more data that is captured over time, the better we will be able to associate specific exercise programs with diagnosis codes and tie them to improvements in patient scoring which will be shared with our customers. The Equilibrate System becomes a tool for best practices in physical therapy.

Insurance Considerations

The Equilibrate System tracks all of the scores and prescribed exercise programs and pairs them to the ICD-9 codes associated with each patient. The ability to document the progress of the care over the course of the therapy enables the caregiver to demonstrate improvement to the patient as well as to insurance companies and Medicare. Delivering evidence-based care with documented progress is the new paradigm in the health care industry. Balance Engineering supports this paradigm with key tools to help caregivers not only provide high quality care to their patients, but also support the requirements for efficient insurance reimbursement. Insurance companies and Medicare are reimbursing hospitals, clinics and other care facilities for evaluation, assessment and therapeutic services today. The Equilibrate System was designed to leverage those existing CPT codes so caregivers can seek reimbursement for utilizing the technology and turn the tool into a revenue-generating device. Read more about Equilibrate and CPT codes available here.