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How We Change Lives

Balance Engineering is the leading innovator in advanced human balance assessment and therapy technology. This technology helps improve effectiveness of  diagnosis and treatment for patients who suffer from chronic neurological conditions and diseases relating to balance dysfunction as brought on by factors including diseases, aging, and injuries.   These conditions result in nearly $30 billion in healthcare and medical costs annually. Our mission is to help patients and practitioners while reducing those costs.  Every staff member at Balance Engineering has personal experience with a family member or friend who needed a treatment plan as a result of a balance issue. That fact is the driving force behind our development of this cutting-edge technology.

Transcending the conventional boundaries of balance, Equilibrate will help you discover new ways to deliver evaluations and therapy while maximizing benefits to your patients and clients. Incorporating non-invasive, direct measurement principles to the traditional art of balance assessment, Equilibrate takes the subjectivity out of balance analysis and replaces it with quantifiable data that complements the professional skills necessary for physicians, medical professionals, physical therapists and other caregivers to deliver focused and effective, fall prevention and balance treatments efficiently. Equilibrate is challenging old ways of thinking about and measuring physical balance.   Watch Equilibrate in action.

Our History

Balance Engineering LLC was formed in 2008 by a group of healthcare, business, academic and technical professionals who sought solutions to address the need for improved methods of objective balance assessment in humans. Working closely with researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and care-providers in various New York State therapy clinics and hospitals, experts at Balance Engineering developed the premiere tool for quantitative balance assessment. This technology takes into account movement and displacement metrics from both the upper and lower body, and incorporates them into entirely objective scores for dynamic alignment, sway, and overall balance. The scores are actionable to both healthcare professional and patient, and can be tracked over time.

Our Technological Roots

Technical and design input for the Equilibrate System comes from a wide range of experts in the area of human balance, including: physical therapists, engineers and scientific researchers in biophysics and bio-mechanics, who contribute unique perspectives on the complex interaction between the function and form of human balance.

Our team’s unique perspectives have led to new understandings of the relationship between the function and form of human balance. Learn more about our leadership team.

We believe that partnerships between people and organizations that bring clinical expertise and knowledge along with engineering expertise and manufacturing resources help to make Equilibrate a mobile balance assessment tool that can assist you in bringing better treatment plans to your patients. Read more about our strategic partners.

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