Leadership Team

Michael A. Compisi | President

Why is Balance Engineering important to me? It is very difficult to find someone who has not been touched in some way by accidental falls.  I am not any different.  My grandfather died as a direct result of a fall and my grandmother has a brand new hip due to an accidental fall.  I realize that sometimes accidents happen but it is possible to get in front of catastrophic falls with a little preventative care and identification of people most at risk.  The personal nature of the short- and long-term effects of falls drives me and Balance Engineering to do what we can to support caregivers’ efforts with new technology that can help reduce the occurrences of accidental falls.  Adding to the personal nature of the areas of focus for Balance Engineering is my experience with head trauma.  I had the fortunate opportunity to play professional soccer as a goalkeeper for five years. In that time, I experienced two diagnosed concussions.  In retrospect, the process to clear my return to play was, at best, interesting, and, at worst, dangerous.  Symptomatic aspects of concussion are easy to deny and mask when you want to get back on the field.  Every athlete wants to help out his or her team, even at the expense of their own health, and the long-term implications of the decisions we make can get lost in the heat of athletic competition.  Only now are these consequences being recognized.  We can and should do better to ensure proper assessment and protocols necessary to enable the safe return to play.  Balance Engineering can help. For me and the team we have assembled at Balance Engineering, our business is very personal.

Professional - As the leader of Balance Engineering, Mr. Compisi serves as the foundational executive for the company’s development and go-to-market strategy.  Crucial focal points include the gathering and assimilation of key inputs from functional consultants and internal technical personnel for Balance Engineering’s technology, and project managing the implementation of all aspects and components of the Equilibrate System.  Mr. Compisi has developed critical working relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, establishing the ability to deliver solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.  In managing the various arms of Balance Engineering from the onset, as well as his in-depth involvement in its financial responsibilities, Mr. Compisi works to ensure the successful commercialization of the Balance Engineering product line with efficient and productive investor return. Mr. Compisi works closely with Balance Engineering’s advisory board, investors, consultants, and strategic partners to ensure the ongoing development of the Equilibrate System as well as the growth of Balance Engineering.

Steve Cutrona | Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Why is Balance Engineering important to me? Having seen elder grandparents and parents live with the results of several falls and consequential reduction in mobility triggered me to ask “Could we have done something different to prevent these falls or perhaps recognized that there was a great risk of a fall?” Severe falls change an individual’s quality of life as well as their lifestyle. Knowing that some falls can be prevented and that you can be physically better prepared to avoid them gives me confidence that we can help others, including my family, circumvent the pattern of missteps, falls and resulting health issues. This is one area where I am excited to use technology in working to break a family tradition.

Professional - As the lead for Balance Engineering’s Sales and Marketing efforts, Mr. Cutrona directs the growth of a sales infrastructure that includes the company’s field sales organization and partnerships with various market distributorship networks. He works with market leaders to bring a focused Balance Engineering message to the various markets served.  He brings 25+ years of healthcare expertise in building, developing and directing commercialization efforts for healthcare products and services ranging from technical diagnostic tools to biopharmaceuticals. Some such products include clinical software solutions targeted towards hospitals, clinics, private practice clinicians, medical educational institutions, government organizations and other commercial entities. Mr. Cutrona has experience in startup and development organizations through managing 500+ person sales and marketing teams. He specializes in building long-term partner relationships and developing mutually beneficial contractual agreements with co-promotion entities for channel expansion.

Dr. Joel Wojciechowski (PhD, MS) | Director of Applications Development

Why is Balance Engineering important to me? Here’s an experiment: Get up from your chair and stand on one foot.  Now close your eyes and count to 20.  What happened?  Your ability to maintain your balance during this simple but fairly difficult task not only gives you an indication of how balanced you are, it also gives you a greater insight into the complex inputs that help you maintain your balance even during simple standing.  If you were to try that experiment while standing on a couch cushion it would be even harder. The eyes, inner ear (your internal ‘gyroscope’), and proprioception (your muscles, tendons, nerves, etc.) are the primary keepers of your physical balance.  What’s fascinating is the proportion in which they each contribute, as well as their ability to adapt when parts of that system are less functional.

As Director of Applications Development at Balance Engineering, my motivation for building better systems for balance assessment and therapy is driven by an intense curiosity about how our bodies maintain balance, how we can better objectively measure balance, and how we can help people improve balance to better their lives – be they an independent senior, someone rehabbing from injury, or a professional athlete.  Because all of us are touched both directly and indirectly by the need for better balance, I don’t have to go far to find that motivation.

Remember the experiment?  The fact is you can actually teach your body to be better balanced by repeating tasks like that when at home doing the dishes, in your office reading a report, or at the store in the checkout line.  Have fun!

Professional – Dr. Wojciechowski is responsible for research and development, market extensions, and grant-funded research of human balance and its relevant applications at Balance Engineering.  With a deep background in physics, biophysics, and human physiology, Dr. Wojciechowski holds multiple US patents in biological imaging and microscopy.  He has also obtained research grants from the NIH, DOD, and DOE.  Areas of focus include experimental design, intellectual property development, and management of R&D programs for the translation of technology to commercial products.

Dr. Louann Kuntz (PT, DPT, MEd, ATC) | Director of Product Development

Why is Balance Engineering important to me? My involvement with Balance Engineering is very personal.   My passion for balance and core stability stems from my belief that these key elements allow us to be independent and do the things that make us happy in life.

In my years in the health care world, I have seen the devastating effects a fall can have on individuals and their families.  If I can prevent even one person from suffering through this often life-changing and potentially catastrophic event, I will have accomplished my goal.

Balance is a very individual, unique and complicated attribute.  You have to consider the whole person and no two individuals are alike. My involvement in this company was aimed at developing a product that could actually measure the individual differences in a way that is meaningful to the person and looks at the whole person.  This cutting-edge technology gives me, the clinician, a tool that considers the core movement, body size and shape, and allows me to positively impact patient function with real-world application.  I can now show the patient the key problem areas that help them understand immediately where their issues and problems are. We can then begin to address these issues in ways that make a difference.

Professional - Dr. Kuntz has been with Balance Engineering from its inception.  As Director of Product Development, she has led the development of the clinical aspects of the Equilibrate System.  Her extensive experience as a physical therapist, athletic trainer and clinic manager has provided Balance Engineering with the insight to develop a product that not only has clinical relevance but also practical business applications. Sitting on various boards and committees, Dr. Kuntz also provides guidance on the constantly changing insurance, healthcare and regulatory requirements the industry is currently experiencing.   Dr. Kuntz’s creativity and imagination has also led to logical extensions of the application beyond the original design parameters that provide for additional functional use of the system.  Her passion for delivering outstanding care to her patients is a tremendous asset for Balance Engineering and is reflected in the outputs of the Equilibrate System.

Dr. Kuntz is currently the Director of Albany Medical Center’s Outpatient Physical Therapy Department. She specializes in research-based physical therapy focusing on functional patient outcomes. Her areas of expertise span neurological, orthopedic, sports medicine, athletic training, and health services. Patient safety, education, and prevention of injuries are fundamental aspects of her approach to patient care.

Balance Engineering is the leading innovator in advanced human balance assessment technology which helps to effectively diagnose and treat patients who suffer from chronic neurological conditions and diseases relating to balance dysfunction as brought on by factors including diseases, aging, and injuries.   These conditions result in nearly $20 billion in medical costs annually. Our mission is to help patients and practitioners while reducing those costs.  Every staff member at Balance has personal experience with a family or friend who needed a treatment plan as a result of an imbalance. That fact is the driving force behind our development of this cutting-edge technology. Email our team.
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