Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

How Equilibrate Helps Physical Therapists

Every day, you see patients whose quality of life could benefit from an improved balance assessment and treatment program.

Objective dynamic motion capture of upper and lower body movement can improve clinical assessment and treatment determination.  Equilibrate is challenging old ways of thinking about and measuring physical balance. Equilibrate will enhance your patient and business outcomes with objective clinical programs. Whether you are an established clinic seeking improved and emerging methodologies, or a young practice seeking to grow, Equilibrate technology will give you a unique and powerful level of clarity into balance related deficiencies. Show your patients and insurance providers the objective output data that tracks individual therapy progress levels.

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Key features for Physical Therapists

Therapists have more time to focus on the patient
Patients are motivated to exercise and see measurable results
Satisfied patients make referrals to their friendsIntroduce new revenue opportunities with expanded assessment/therapy options
Physicians are happy and refer more patientsDifferentiate your clinical sites from the competitionUtilize current CPT codes for insurance reimbursement
Insurers see results and reimburse for the service
You provide necessary evidence based therapy with objective outcome data

View an Overview of Equilibrate

Equilibrate is a balance assessment system that will provide you with data that allows for the development of programs that can improve people’s balance and reduce their risk of falls.

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You can help patients progress, while increasing billable units. The Equilibrate System can take your patients from assessment to treatment. Note that patients can perform therapeutic exercise on the system, giving them feedback while they exercise and giving you data on their progress.

The Equilibrate system is a great tool for assessing fall risk in the geriatric population. It is easy to use. One-stop note writing assists with efficiency in any high paced rehabilitation setting. The treatment options are engaging to any population and functional as it related to the patients goals. I would love to see an Equilibrate in every Assisted Living Facility as the main fall risk assessment tool.”
-Regional Program Director of Physical and Occupational Therapy, Rochester, NY.

Why is this important to me?

Physical Therapists play a key role in the assessment and treatment of conditions related to balance function. Because of the growing knowledge of the complex physiological systems involved in human balance, the role of the PT is expanding broadly. Seeking to treat greater numbers of patients with increasingly differentiated conditions, clinicians are urgently seeking new tools to deliver improved and efficient care to a growing client base, many of whom are afflicted with balance dysfunction. The Equilibrate System is a state-of-the-art clinical solution to the pressing need for objective balance assessment and treatment that addresses many of the oncoming concerns of the 21st-century physical therapist as well as many of the established problems of the clinical PT professional. As an example, Equilibrate’s customizable therapy modules allow the PT to tailor client-specific exercises based on the patient’s individual balance aptitude, which can be established through either (1) instantaneous baseline assessment or (2) analysis of the patient’s history. Recorded exercise output and continuous feedback ensure that appropriate therapy is being delivered to the patient, even if the healthcare professional must leave the client autonomous for a few moments. This type of autonomous and quality-assured therapy is especially beneficial to professionals seeking to cope with the issues of client-base and incremental revenue growth within the PT industry, as well as the uncertainties surrounding future healthcare mandates.

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The Equilibrate System’s quantitative output also documents the type and time of exercise (for potential billing/insurance purposes), and allows both patient and care professional to confidentially track progress over courses of therapy. Furthermore, actionable output is sufficiently intricate for the PT professional to analyze subtle changes in balance during qualified analysis, but also comprehendible to the client for tracking progress and actively responding to system feedback in an increasingly patient-interactive world.

CPT Codes Available

Users of Equilibrate are receiving insurance reimbursement for their use in evaluation and therapy of patients. Current CPT codes will apply to the utilization of the system for applicable activities. Equilibrate use is reimbursable across multiple medical modalities.